A Virtual Assistant, also known as a VA, is generally someone who has already been an Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant in a brick and mortar office somewhere, for some type of business.  These are the people that run all of the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks of any kind of business. They are the right arm, the oil that keeps the wheel turning. You get the picture, right?

The term virtual assistant covers such a wide range of things, really. I have met a lot of virtual assistants and almost everyone of them has something completely different to offer.  Some specialize in nothing but proofreading or web design.  Others will assist with bookkeeping and real estate listing. And yet others will assist with anything from social media to calendar management.  It all depends on what you need to delegate. And delegating is the key word!

Someone who needs a virtual assistant is someone that is spending too much time doing tasks for their business instead of running their business.  In other words, tasks that should be delegated to someone else.  The problem is, most small business owners don’t realize what can be delegated. Or, they don’t have anyone to delegate to.

That’s when you should be giving me a call. I will discuss what can be taken off of your plate to ease your mind and leave you feeling more organized and in control.