My Virtual Counterpart

Hello and welcome to my site. You may be wondering,"What IS a Virtual Assistant?" Well, the easy answer is a Virtual Assistant (aka - VA) is an Administrative Assistant that works from a remote office helping small business's and entrepreneurs with their day to day business tasks. Just like any other business, whether it's large or small, they all need assistance. And that's where I come in. I can assist your business.


New Jersey born and raised, I moved to Pennsylvania in 2001. I've worked as an Executive Assistant for over 20 years at different types of companies ranging from Insurance and Newspaper Publishing to Home Builders and Banking. I started my VA business in 2008.

A little about me:

I am not perfect but I try *really* hard to meet or exceed people’s expectations.  Sometimes too hard. I will always be harder on myself than you will be on me.
I love to help people whether it is giving them advice in their business or just being a listener.  I believe we all can learn from each other.
I’m a planner and organizer.  I thrive on order not chaos.



Nancy Saldutti and My Virtual Counterpart have helped me tremendously in my business.   Organization is key to staying sane while trying to grow a business and Nancy keeps me both organized and sane!  She handles situations and clients with ease. I honestly would not be able to grow my business without her guidance and help.