Welcome to my site.  My name is Nancy and I’m glad you’re here. You’re probably wondering what a Virtual Assistant is or better yet, what I can do for you. Well, I ‘ll tell you what I might be able to do for you if you are:

A Small Business Owner
A Solopreneur
A Work from Home Person
A Freelancer/Coach/Consultant

I can assist you by taking tasks off of your plate and allowing you time to spend on your business.  What does that mean exactly? Here’s an example:

Jane is a Mom with 2 kids.  She is a dog trainer who runs her business out of her house.  She keeps all of her customers names in a spreadsheet and  promises to email them tips and tricks on a weekly basis.  She also writes a monthly newsletter and has plenty of videos to share.  She has little followers on Facebook and would like to grow her business. She’s trying to find time to read up on how to run her own Facebook page when she realizes she’s late at getting Johnnie to baseball practice.

Here’s where I can come to the rescue…

As a professional dog trainer, Jane doesn’t need to be sitting on the computer trying to figure out how to link YouTube to a Facebook fan page.  Nor does she need to be updating her calendar or customer database.  She needs to be running her business which is TRAINING DOGS. Everything that happens behind the scenes of a business can be handled by me, your virtual counterpart.  And Jane can stop being overwhelmed in her business and get little Johnnie to baseball practice on time.

No matter what the case may be or what your business is, you can use a Virtual Counterpart to help get you organized and stop being overwhelmed.

I’d love to set up a time to talk about how I may assist you.

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